Thursday, April 28, 2011

BFF frame

I made this for one of my bestest friends for her birthday in 2008. Out of all the projects I've done, this one I believe took me the longest to complete, about 3 months. It doesn't seem very detailed and to an extent compared to other projects I've done (i.e., the wedding frame) it wasn't. What made it take so long to do was what it lacks in detail it makes up for in length. Unfortunately, I didn't measure it so I can't tell you the exact length, but it was definitely the longest project I've done.


I made this  one for one of my best friends for her birthday in 2008. I chose it because her favorite color is blue and she loves butterflies. I also chose it because it came with it's own frame. It was a relatively easy project, took me less than a week to complete. Only the butterfly was cross-stitched.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Anniversary Frame

This project took me about a month to do because only the names and date are cross-stitched. I made it for a close friend's parents for their 30th wedding anniversary in 2009. This one was very special project because I'm close to the family. The pictures really personalized the frame. Needless to say, my friend's parents really loved it.

Wedding Frame

I made this for my ex-coworker for her wedding in 2008. I couldn't make the wedding so I figured this would be a nice gift for their home. This took me about three months to do because of all the flowers. Once again I had difficulty with the french knots.

Wedding Card

I got into cross-stitching about a month before a friend's wedding 6 years ago. I was out with some friends and we went to Pearl Fine Art Supplies on near Canal street in the city. I found a kit for a wedding card like the one pictured above and I thought it would be more unique than a store-bought card. I found myself having fun doing it and my friend loved it. I've made two other cards since for two different weddings. The one in the picture was for husband's niece in 2009. They got married two months before we did. They also have a kit for a baby shower card. I have the kit, but I haven't used it yet. This is a pretty easy project and only takes about a week or two to do. I think it's a nice project for a beginner. My only problem was the french knots in the names and the date. I hate doing french knots. I've read instructions, watched videos on how to do it and I can't seem to get the hang of it.


Cross-stitching has been a hobby of mine for about 6 years and I felt it would make an interesting blog topic. For those who don't know, cross-stitching is a form of embroidery that uses X-shaped stitches. I find it to be a fun, relaxing and creative way to spend time. I mainly do projects as gifts for friends and family. Most projects take anywhere from a week or two to several months.